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Linger Longer!

I will remember this photo shoot for some time to come, for every good reason.

Some things stand out in your memory and this was an extraordinary shoot.

This image was captured on the road to Cardrona ski field, on the peripheral of Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand.

Earlier in the morning, I’d driven from Roaring Meg, Crown Range, which is an incredible drive.

It’s spectacular, but recommended to drive with caution at all times, particularly during unpredictable weather conditions.

As I made my way up this road, heading toward the ski field, I knew to stop at this particular location.

The inclement weather intensified. The mist grew in thickness and light snow started appearing on the mountain range.

Those conditions are conducive to mystery, aren’t they?

I settled into my photo shoot, with an umbrella at hand, which became necessary at times.

Securing my tripod and camera along the fence line, I started clicking.

It was a fairly extensive photo shoot due to the spectacular scenery. The valley is fertile due to the high rainfall in the area.

I was reminded of the similarity to the countryside in England. Pastureland woven with various shades of green, interspersed with brown. Simply stunning and unforgettable.

Look at the cloud hovering over the mountain and valley. What does that ‘say’ to you?

As a Landscape Photographer, nature, people and travel speak volumes to me.

Photography is a form of fine art. I am a Landscape Photographer who is an artist at heart!

Thank you for appreciating my work!