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Life is Running!

As I was walking towards the lake, I could hear the wind whisking the water, it was pumping.

I checked the cloud formations, usually a deciding factor regarding the sunrise/sunset.

There were interesting cloud patterns and with the strong wind, they were constantly changing.

The water was pumping against my legs as I stood almost waist deep in the lake. But I stood my ground.

At daybreak, I turned around and noticed the sun about to burst amongst the clouds behind me.

I ran to my new position, scuttling over rocks of all shapes and sizes.

Fortunately I arrived with time to spare to capture sensational scenery and dramatic light.

So much about life is standing, waiting and then advancing, when the time is right!

How well do you ‘stand’ when you are waiting for something to change in your life?

This shot was taken ‘on the run’.

Thank you for liking my work.