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When I cracked the sheets to travel to this location, I could never have entertained the incredible time that was available to me.

So much of our every day involves diligence, discipline and the ability to accomplish much, particularly when we don’t have the desire to perform some of the tasks.

Routine is so much a part of our lives, isn’t it?

I know for some time, I attempted to avoid things that were not always pleasant. But that has changed.

On the other hand, we can also miss opportunities, particularly if we consider something to be monotonous.

Life has taught me, and I’m still learning, of course, to look for the good in every circumstance and in each person.

It is a learned behaviour.

As we know, it is more beneficial unlearning our old habits and developing good, healthy attitudes!

Everyday is a kaleidoscope, it’s what we choose to look forward to!

Thank you for liking my work.