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It’s amazing isn’t it, when you visit your favourite location frequently, and every sunrise and sunset is different, yet special?

Cabarita beach, New South Wales, Australia, is approximately an hour’s drive from home.

Depending on the season, I leave home early, particularly during the summer months, to arrive at this beautiful beach/cove, with time to spare to set up for my photoshoot.

As you can see, the sunrise was dramatic. I love clouds and the effect of light has on them. Adding to the dynamics of intensity and intrigue!

The tide was coming in and the sea was fairly active that morning. The water, with the use of filters, blends well, with the effect of the sky and clouds.

This cove is so peaceful, even when the sea is rough.  The surrounding landscape lends itself to a peaceful atmosphere. It’s a popular surf destination!

It rained soon after I captured this image.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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