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As I waded into the water this morning I knew the sunrise was going to be extraordinary.

My camera, secured on my tripod, was ready for a busy photo shoot.

The tide was out but it was about to make its way in again.

Sunrises such as this one,  requires the photographer to concentrate and to work very quickly with their shutter speed and filters.

I love the solitude and calmness of a sunrise such as this, the scene before me was indescribable.

Stepping into the water in Australia differs from New Zealand as I’m never sure what is lurking in the water when it is semi dark.

Witnessing the night surrender to the morning light is something that always inspires me.

Arising early in the morning to drive to a photoshoot is what excites me.

This morning, the fishing boats were being released as though they were on a conveyor belt. A busy time for the fishermen at the turn of the tide.

Landscapes and seascapes so inspire one, don’t they?

A picture that takes you to another space and another place!

What does this image ‘say’ to you?

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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