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Just when you Thought! …

It was safe to get into the water!

At times your instincts alert you to potential danger, don’t they?!

I sensed that there could be a crocodile in this area, but I was also aware of the incredible beauty that was before me.

The next morning I arrived at this location for a photo shoot. I positioned my tripod at the water’s edge and across the water from me was a sizeable crocodile!

This destination is on a road less travelled in Northern Queensland, Australia.

There are moments in your life when it necessitates taking calculated risks. This photo shoot was one of them.

As the sun was setting the sky, water and reflections were almost breath-taking.

During my stay in this region I was reminded so much of South Africa, the country of my birth.

This area resonates with life, in colour, sugar cane fires, burning sunrises and sunsets and people who are salt of the earth and tenacious!

They need to be to survive in a country that is intensely diverse in weather and in opposition regarding reptile species.

After my photoshoot, whilst I was busy with my camera and filters. I reflected on the similarities between Africa and Australia.

I have the best of both worlds! The blending of two cultures.

Truly amazing. I am honoured to be a Citizen of Australia. Knowing my Ancestry is deeply rooted in this Continent!

As a Landscape Photographer, I draw my inspiration from my Creator, God!

Thank you for appreciating my work!

Clare Page Photography: With you in mind!