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This image was captured from one of my favourite locations, Lake Wanaka, Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand.

Landscape photography is always exciting and comes with a surprise package as one is never aware of the light until it starts unfolding during a photo shoot.

Sometimes, during a sunrise, I think the light is going to do one thing, but it does another. God is in control!

On other occasions, I may experience an extra ‘burst’ of light, or a ‘second’ light at sunrise!

This particular morning, the light remained fairly intense for a considerable time.

My intentionality is to favour the less known places.

As I’m a local in Wanaka, I read maps and pursue locations that are fairly remote.

Driving a 4X4 is an advantage.

I waded fairly deep into the lake that morning to experience the sun light that was soaked across the lake, it was so inviting!

My tripod is regularly dried, removing water from its legs due to the depth of water I stand in!

Arriving early for a photoshoot is ideal particularly in high tourist areas.

Its enables you to settle in early and to establish your position before the crowds arrive.

With maturity, I have learnt to be prepared in advance, avoiding a rush!

As I stand in the lake with my tripod, camera and filters with me, I find it soothing as a landscape photographer capturing the light and reflections, for you to enjoy!

Water has always been appealing to me.

Thank you for liking my work!

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