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Kirra Beach, Queensland, Australia, is a beautiful beach. It is located alongside Coolangatta beach, on the Gold Coast. It is renowned for good surf, whilst walkers, joggers and bathers also enjoy the versatility of this beach.

It is a great beach for sunrises and sunsets. The seagulls favour settling in groups on the beach, awaiting the sunrise and sunset daily, with expectancy.

The morning of this photoshoot, I made my way quickly to the beach as I could see the results of a southerly wind, the effect it had on the ocean and the sky, very favourable.

I arrived at Kirra Beach as the tide was coming in. The effects of the water whirling around the rocks was fascinating to witness. There were areas of smoothness and patches of water that was ‘agitated’ against the rocks. The depth of colour in the sky and in the water, as a result of the reflection of the morning light, was inspirational.

Thank you for appreciating my work!