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Home 5 Journal 5 Invitation!


Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia, is a beautiful bay as its name suggests.

During this photoshoot I used my new landscape lens for the first time.

I decided not to use photographic filters and the momentum of the waves were more ‘relaxed’.

Looking at the ocean, its’s colour and motion, beckons you to come and experience its coolness, doesn’t it?

Unless we decide to get up and to get out and be intentional about being the ‘change’, we will always reap the same old results.

For some, the journey has become weary. What have you been carrying that should be dropped/released and forgiven?

Like the motion of these waves and the tides, it is time to move to a new season and way of life/thinking.

Attracting new good things and releasing the ‘old’ way of thinking, to go out with the tide.

It’s time to re-programme your mind, with good thoughts. Have you become stuck in your thinking?

Have you considered what could be the main contributing factors to your being stuck?

Refresh your soul and Spirit with the Word of God.

Thank you for liking my work!

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