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Snapper Rocks, Queensland, Australia, is an idyllic location for surfers, walkers and photographers.

This beach is incredibly popular with photographers due to the inspirational light conditions as well as when the tide becomes full. The ocean surges towards you at an accelerated rate. Surfers are prolific, from dawn to dusk, particularly when the offshore wind makes its presence felt. It is adjacent to Froggy Beach, which is an enclave.

During the course of my photoshoot, I knew to walk towards the surfers, across the rock shelf. Sometimes just before sunrise, the light, particularly with clouds, can become quite ordinary, which it did this particular morning. As I walked in the opposite direction of where I’d been standing, the colours in the sky and the ocean, become more intense, and the light, more interesting.

I was fascinated by the momentum of the water flowing against the rocks, with the incoming tide. It did not take me long to re-trace my steps to where I was originally, enabling me to capture a beautiful sunrise, with the clouds illuminated with a golden glow, as a result of the sun.

Thank you for appreciating my work!