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Intimacy – spontaneity of the moment

Each month Clare opens up her photography journal and takes us behind some of her images. This is Intimacy.

This location is renowned for barbeques, relaxation, fishermen, dog walkers who walk to King island at low tide, cyclists, and photographers. It is a versatile location for photographers, as they are fortunate enough to capture sunrise and sunset shoots from this inspirational place.

When I arrived on the morning of my photoshoot I choose to capture the sunrise from the rock precipice as the tide was high.

It worked out perfectly as with a heightened tripod. I was able to capture the intense effect of the light across the water, more effectively. The clouds were ablaze with light, releasing it across the vivid water. It was a sunrise that was brilliant in every way, from beginning to end.

My shutter release button was very active during this photoshoot. The rocks beneath the water’s surface add an interesting dimension.

The jetty at this location is also a wonderful feature, it is popular with fishermen, whilst fishing boats resemble a conveyer belt on the boat ramp, when the tide is right. Pelicans eagerly await the fishing boats return, hoping for a catch of fish.

As I packed up my photographic equipment and walked to my vehicle, I reflected on the spontaneity of the moment of heading to this wonderful location that morning, and how God blessed humanity with an inspirational sunrise. The world is my office and my playground!