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On each occasion I visit Fingal Head, New South Wales, Australia, I come away with a sense of having sharpened my photographic skills!

It is always a stimulating photoshoot location. Whether at high tide or low tide, the waves literally appear to ‘pulsate’ through the corridor of impressive-sized rocks.

Fishermen cross the potentially dangerous rock shelf at low tide. It is precarious and tantalising close at times as they step onto the rocks, with the waves comes full speed at them.

I’m disciplined with arriving early at each photoshoot location as it prepares me for the unfolding of the dawn and gives me more options as to where I position my tripod and camera.

The morning I captured this shot, the conditions were fairly tempestuous. It was windy whilst the sea spray was impressive, necessitating vigilance regarding my lens and camera.

On the odd occasion, my equipment required a clean.

Shooting in weather conditions where its unpredictable, sharpens my photographic awareness, an any precautions that required to be taken.

The warmth of the sun blends beautifully with the coolness of the water and sky, as only God can do.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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