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I had recently arrived from Brisbane, Australia to settle in Wanaka, New Zealand, when I captured this image of Lake Wanaka.

It was during the winter months when sunrise is not that early.

Being a landscape photographer is a lifestyle I am passionate about. Landscape photography offers me peace and solace.

Cracking the sheets early in the morning to capture a sunrise is easy for me, even during the long winter months in New Zealand.

Getting prepared for my photoshoots during the winter in New Zealand is always fun, with the layers of clothing involved.

Then I put on my waders and puffer jacket.

Wearing waders is advantageous as they enable you to capture your subject matter from a distinct and different vantage point.

I love water and the reflections that captivate one’s attention.

The use of filters, a good camera and tripod is paramount to me.

Don’t you love the stillness and calmness when the day is young?

Image: Lake Wanaka, and the town of Wanaka cradled between the mountain ranges.

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