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In the Rhythm | Seeking solace!

Join me in experiencing my adventures and excitement on my photo shoots, as I unwrap my journey involved in capturing images that linger, whilst reflecting spectacular scenery that soak the soul with peace and hope!

From Clare’s Journal

Recently I spent time in South Island, New Zealand. My suitcase packed several days before my departure. South Island stunning, particularly during autumn and winter.

The lifestyle in South Island is relaxed. Whilst the hospitality is warm and inviting. Winter temperatures are lean. Which comes with a recommendation of wearing several layers of quality warm clothing. The experience of driving on the scenic roads, lingers in your memory!

I was fortunate as the weather conditions were perfect during my business trip to South Island. I was able to capture shots that were interesting, which contrasted perfectly with the weather, even though the snow was absent. My accommodation was good, with an easy drive to all the iconic tourist locations.

Capturing the Shot

My waders are ideal as they enable me to keep warm and waterproof. In those freezing conditions, my clothing represents my sensitivity to the cold. I have perfected the procedure of layering my clothes to fit into my waders.

I walked from the car park in Arrowtown towards the Arrow River whilst first light illuminated the horizon. I familiarised myself with the region by researching it on Google Maps.

Although the sky was cloudy, the light was interesting. I was invigorated by the sounds and sight of the Arrow River that was bursting with energy as I walked alongside it. Birds were heading in the new day which added a spring to my step.

It did not take me long to discover a perfect spot to capture the blaze of autumn colour that emerged from above the river. I entered the river with caution as it was fast flowing. It did not take me long to realise the depth of the water. Rivers in New Zealand are crystal clear. Sometimes it is not always easy to determine their depth. So I discovered.

Each step into the river, was intentional. My tripod became my ‘walking stick’. Extra caution was required as my camera was attached to my tripod. I gauged the powerful flow of the river as it throbbed against my legs, by navigating through it with respect. Each step forward was measured with accuracy. It was not easy determining the depth, from one step to the next.

Instinctively, I realised an ideal vantage point half way across the river. A perfect place to capture the momentum of the deep green colour of the water cascading over the rocks. It was beautifully contrasted with the extravagant autumn colours of the trees! I remained steadfast in that position for a considerable time. I realised the difficulty in gaining momentum, where the rocks were slippery.

My camera was poised to capture the inspirational scene before me. All I needed to do was to adjust the focal length of my lens, which draws the image in closer or further away, and to adjust the position of my camera on the tripod.

Photographic filters transform images into something special. My filters are in a pouch which are secured to my waist, whilst using a belt for ease of use. Standing in the middle of the Arrow River for 2 hours, in a freezing cold water was worth it. The exhilaration I experienced whilst shooting inspirational scenery, is indescribable. A remote location, in such surrounds, it a was heaven on earth experience.

I made my way from the middle of the river, upstream, towards the rapids, where this shot was captured. Lowering my tripod in the water, to capture the true essence of the momentum of the river, flowing with speed over the rocks, which were interspersed with leaves, was captivating. The photographic filters smooth the water.

When my photo shoot was completed, I packed away my equipment, secured my camera bag over my shoulders, I walked away with a sense of knowing I had captured something special.