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This beach is incredibly versatile, particularly for surfers and photographers. It is a great beach for sunrise and sunset photography.

The weather conditions and clouds were conducive to exhibiting light that was indescribable. As the tide had just turned, and was coming in, I knew I had sufficient time and opportunity to secure my tripod on a generous rock shelf and to start clicking.

Arriving at first light is advantageous as it enables photographers to capture the dynamics of light from very early on in the shoot, to when the sun makes an appearance.

As the wind represented a breeze, it enabled me to reduce my tripod to capture and maximise the effects of the colour of the water with the rocks so clearly submerged in the ocean.

Where I stood for that shoot, is not an every day occurrence as the wind can whip the waves, usually impressive in size, particularly with the incoming tide, preventing photographers from standing on that rock shelf, using their lens focal length, instead.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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