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Home 5 Journal 5 Ignition!


It has been fascinating witnessing the sugar cane fires each evening.

At present I am in Northern Queensland, Australia, appreciating the roads less travelled. Taking photos that capture the imagination!

The farmer from whose land I captured this image, grows corn. On a large scale.

We have exchanged life stories a couple of times. My respect for farmers has increased a hundred fold.

I arrive during the late afternoon, early evening.

My tripod and camera are set up, using my filters, I’m instantly clicking away.

As the time draws closer to sunset, the light becomes more dramatic.

The landscape immediately takes on another dimension when the surrounding sugar cane farmers ignite their harvest. Only the leaves burn of course.

On each occasion, I watch with fascination as the cloud of smoke dissipates just as quickly as it forms.

Witnessing the intensity of the colours of the sunset combined with the dense smoke, is awe inspiring.

As a Landscape Photographer, an excitement grows within me.

I depart as the day surrenders to the night with dramatic hues of purple, hot pink and deep blue, splashing the sky.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

Clare Page Photography: With you in mind!