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On each occasion, as I arrive at my destination, an excitement arises within, as each sunrise is always a surprise.

I usually reach my location just before daybreak as I draw my inspiration from the starry sky and I always anticipate something special!

Some mornings it looks as though the sunrise is going to be dramatic, whilst it turns out to be the calm and gentle.

Understandably, as a Landscape Photographer, I am never disappointed with what my Creator unleashes on that particular morning.

The sunrise this particular morning was dramatic as you can see, but the lake was fairly calm.

As I stand in the lake, this time  being Lake Wanaka, New Zealand, my instincts are sharpened and my camera is always ready for the first click.

The formation of the clouds and the intensity of the light are intriguing, aren’t they?

Thank you for liking my work!

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