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The intensity of this photoshoot is something I will remember for some time to come.

I arrived at Cabarita beach, New South Wales, Australia, on a morning that I immediately knew was going to be exciting and challenging. I thrive on those conditions.

A cyclone had recently hit Fiji and the effects of that cyclone were making themselves evident on the Australian coast.

As always, I watch and observe the ocean, making a mental note of the tide and the wave activity.

During this photoshoot the sea was particularly unpredictable.

There was a moment, when the water was receding, as the tide was going out, that it created a ‘vacuum’ effect, as seen in a tsunami.

With that, I was vigilant as the conditions were intense.

Wearing waders, I kept my tripod at a respectable height in case a rogue wave splashed my equipment.

The tempestious conditions prevailed, but I discovered a vantage point to capture the sunrise, which was fortuitous.

As dawn was breaking, the sky broke out into intense shades of red and the waves calmed down enough for me to seize the moment, and to capture the the beauty before me.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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