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Norah Head, New South Wales, Australia, is an excellent beach for photoshoots.

This destination is an excellent photoshoot location. It is clear to see why. The bluff of land and the lighthouse, add a special dynamic of interest to a print.

The morning I captured this image, I arrived before first light as it takes time to descend the wooden stairs that lead onto the beach. Once on the beach, particularly in the dark, one walks with intentionality, even when using a headlamp, especially if the tide is high.

Right from the onset of first light, I instinctively knew this was going to be a spectacular sunrise, and it was. The sky was dramatic as the clouds were influenced by the light. It was a morning of changing the position of my camera on my tripod frequently due to the all round excellence of sunrise light.

The rock shelf was great as I lowered my tripod, it was secure on a solid foundation, which offered me an opportunity to sit with my tripod between my legs. After a lengthy shoot, such as this one, it was a great relief.

Sometimes, I have been able to secure some special shots towards the end of my photoshoots, by being patient and observing the light and cloud movement.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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