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What are you hoping for? Are you expectant that something is going to change?

Without putting the cart before the horse, we need to be the change.

If you’re in an ‘uncomfortable’ season in your life right now, the length of it is usually associated with our attitude.

Inner healing comes from establishing the root cause, and asking Jesus to heal us.

I spent too many years blaming others for things I was responsible for.

One of my favourite past times was to do just that, blame my past.

Whatever your past looks like to you, resist reflecting on it and identify how you can do the same things differently in 2018.

We cannot live in the former calendar years with a relatively new calendar year possessing the same mindsets regarding our past.

If you are stuck in the moment, and you’re exhausted from the thoughts bombarding your mind. Stop!

As a believer, we can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us. Put an end to attempting to do everything in your own strength.

Trusting God, involves patterning with Him, which introduces His peace.

Trust in God, is casting your cares upon Him, but also being disciplined in not remaining the same, and in the same place, for too long.

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Image: Southport, Queensland, Australia