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Come and join me as I unpack my experiences associated with this photoshoot.

It had been a busy day, before the moment I captured this shot at Lake Kilpatrick, South Island, New Zealand. On each occasion I have visited this beautiful lake, it has literally taken my breath away.

Lake Kilpatrick is a small lake that is close to Lake Moke, which is near Queenstown. It is renowned with fine art landscape photographers from around the world. As you can imagine, with the introduction of satellites, no place is a best kept secret anymore. But, then again, we are all entitled to share this beautiful creation together in harmony.

I was on my way home when I decided to take the drive to Lake Kilpatrick and Lake Moke. The road becomes very narrow as you approach both lakes. In the winter months they are potentially treacherous due to icy conditions. But, of course, the snow on the mountain ranges during the winters months, is worth the drive. With caution, I may add.

Although it was too early for snow as you can see, the weather conditions were absolutely perfect. The wind was absent, there wasn’t even a breeze. Even though the early mornings and nights were freezing cold, the day time temperatures were warm.

On the way to driving to Lake Moke, I could not help but stop the vehicle and do a photoshoot. I did a mini photoshoot on my return from Lake Moke, such were the conditions. The mountains appear to wrap themselves around you. The peace and tranquility of the moment were indescribable. I have never experienced anything like that. I was almost breathless looking at the scene before me.

The reflections were as perfect as the weather conditions. I secured my tripod on the grassy bank, and composed my shots with precision, during this photoshoot. The traffic was minimal, and with a dusty road, that was an added advantage.

I used my photographic filters which were close at hand. I also adjusted my focal length on several occasions to draw the mountains closer and further away. As I packed my photographic equipment away into my camera bag, I felt so close to nature, I engaged in the moment.

It’s a photoshoot I will remember for years to come.

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