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Heavenly Breath

As I stepped onto the beach at Redcliffe, I instinctively knew it was going to be an extraordinary sunrise.

I wore my waders, whilst my filter pouch was tucked safely against my waist, with a bag secured around it, proving it waterproof, particularly in rough conditions.

Walking into the water, as far as it would safe to shoot from, I secured my tripod in the sand whilst I positioned my camera in the direction of where the light was starting to crack the horizon, representing a thin bright line. Calm conditions always soothe the soul.

Reaching out for my shutter release button, I started clicking straight away as the light was exceptional from the inception of the sunrise. My prolonged gaze was attracted to the incredible light before me.

I changed my focal length fairly regularly, adapting to the conditions that inviting me to take full advantage of the reflections that slipped through my lens.

Redcliffe jetty is iconic with the public, particularly with fishermen. The jetty naturally adds a unique dimension, encouraging an awakening of the senses, involved with the sunrise.

My camera was perfectly positioned just above the water, although safe, my intention was to maximise the accuracy and the warmth of the colours that soaked spectacularly across the ocean. It was a sight to behold.

Through that photoshoot, the colours of the clouds and the reflections were unending, a moment that imprints your mind with lingering thoughts of such a spectacular sunrise. Perfect conditions attract peace.

It was great going home, as I packed away my camera gear, filters and tripod, knowing it was the appropriate moment to be doing a photoshoot at Redcliffe jetty.