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Heaven on Earth | Rest and Restoration

Join me in reading my journal as I unwrap my journey involved in capturing images that linger, whilst reflecting the spectacular scenery that soaks the soul with peace and hope!

Each month Clare opens up her photography journal and takes us behind some of her images. This is Heaven on Earth, South Island, New Zealand.


As I departed from my accommodation, I arrived at my vehicle, I noticed my windscreen was covered with ice. It was comfortable sitting in the warmth of the car, whilst defrosting the windscreen and back window. It was a luxury as I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would be arriving at Lake Hayes, where it was freezing cold.

The sky was cloudy, I knew rain was imminent. I sensed it was going to be an exceptional sunrise. The conditions were superb as I drove into the grounds. When I parked my car, the drops of rain made an appearance. The icy temperature was evident as soon as I turned the heater off. Observing the rain, I was almost reluctant to emerge from the car.

When I noticed the colour of the sky behind me, I instinctively knew it was going to be a spectacular sunrise, with impressive reflections across the water. In that moment, I literally leapt from my vehicle, clutching my umbrella, whilst securing my camera and tripod in my other hand.


As I wear waders, I secure layers of winter clothing close to my body to maintain warmth, whilst I slip my waders on over my clothes. At that moment, I walked into the lake, and the water was as calm as a sheet of glass.

I’m always observing the light and fine tuning the ability to read it well. As I stepped into the lake, I heightened my tripod legs considerably as I continued wading until I was waist deep in the lake. My landscape lens is perfect for what I want to capture, whilst I positioned my camera towards the source of light.

Photography involves concentration, I pay particular attention to the aperture and shutter speed. I use photographic filters which accurately emphasise the light perfectly. Photographic filters offer an incredible effect regarding clouds, whilst they smooth the waves at the ocean.

During my photo shoot, my umbrella became useful. During a brief period, the rain arrived, the rainbows were radiant. The trees wore their autumn colours beautifully. I waded as close as I could to the trees and adjusted the focal length of my lens and the direction of my camera, to effectively capture the beauty before me.

It was a memorable photo shoot from start to finish. God had blessed me with an incredible sunrise, with a kaleidoscope of colours that blended beautifully together. I packed my photographic equipment with a sense of joy as a result of the thrill of such a spectacular sunrise. I drove home in an upbeat frame of mind.