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Heart Beat!

In the heart of the countryside of North Queensland, Australia, is a sugar cane belt.

I have never experienced such intense, instant beauty as when the farmers ignite their sugar cane leaves, before being sent to the sugar cane refinery.

Late afternoons, I would depart for this region and frequented the local corn farmer’s ground to capture this magnificent display of colours during the moments of sunset.

Capturing the corn crop, which was at a perfect height, is a lovely contrast to the evening sky at sunset.

During each photo shoot, I wondered which farmer would be burning their cane leaves that evening.

My camera, secure on my tripod was always ready for the action. It was ideal as I had my photographic equipment at hand due to being on land.

When I’m in the water, doing seascapes, my equipment is strapped around my waist for safety and convenience reasons.

I love capturing nature, whether landscapes or seascapes as every sunrise and sunset is different.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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