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Lake Ohau, New Zealand, is about a two hour drive from Wanaka.

It is always advantageous travelling early in the morning before the traffic increases.

I packed up a breakfast hamper and headed on my way towards Lake Ohau.

The morning was fresh and the roads were empty. It was a pleasant drive.

Once you turn off the main road, the secondary road to the lake is good and it takes approximately half an hour to reach your destination.

Driving around the lake, I discovered the perfect pull-off spot.

The morning light was just making an appearance as I stepped into the lake, wearing my waders.

As the time progressed, so the light improved.

It was perfectly still and the glow from the sunrise and early morning clouds was truly a memorable sight.

My camera was busy that morning.

As a Landscape Photographer, I love the stillness of the early morning, heralding in another new day. How about you?

The colours harmonised so wonderfully well.

Thank you for liking my work.

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