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Location: Wellington Point, Queensland, Australia.

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Wellington Point is one of my favourite locations for photoshoots. It is so versatile. The jetty is iconic, whilst the fishermen favour this location. At the turn of the tide, the pelicans settle on the lamp posts on the jetty, awaiting the return of the fishing boats. The seagulls won’t be outdone either.

The sunrise of this shoot was spectacular from the outset. The tide was low, but it was starting to come in. I was able to reduce my tripod legs so my camera was just above the water to maximise the dynamics of the reflections.

As a landscape/seascape photographer, I wear waders which enable me to wade in some interesting locations before I reach the water line. Wellington Point has mangroves in this particular area,and the mud flats are hugely populated by crabs during low tide.

Although the tide was coming in, I was aware of that, and moved towards the boat ramp, at appropriate intervals.

Thank you for appreciating my work!