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Golden Harvest!

Come with me as I unpack my experiences associated with this photo shoot.

This image was captured at the end of my photo shoot at this wonderful location, Lake Hayes, Queenstown, New Zealand.

When I arrived at Lake Hayes, I knew the rain was imminent. As I got out of my vehicle, it started raining. I put my umbrella over me and my photographic equipment. Fortunately the rain did not last long.

I headed towards the lake, as I wear waders which gives me an added advantage of capturing images close up by using my focal length on my lens.

However, as the water was shallow all that was required of me was to secure my tripod in the water and to shoot the golden coloured trees. I could not resist the perfect reflections and blaze of colour in front of me.

The beauty before me was too good to resist, ending my photo shoot on a high note. I packed away my photographic equipment and walked away happy as I knew I had some special shots from that photo shoot. Photographic filters accurately emphasise the beauty that I capture.