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Golden Harvest | Sunlight and Shadows!

Join me in experiencing my adventures and excitement on my photo shoots, as I unwrap my journey involved in capturing images that linger, whilst reflecting spectacular scenery that soak the soul with peace and hope!


As I travelled from Queenstown to Kingston, South Island, New Zealand, I was attracted to the spectacular scenery of impressive mountains that seem to embrace Lake Wakatipu.

The beauty of the Remarkable mountain range is indescribable. Whilst I drove to my location, I disengaged from every day life, and connected with the scintillating lake and mountains. Lake Wakatipu, with it’s deep hue of aquamarine, was stunning in the winter sun. The scenery before me encouraged a sense of eager anticipation, as I approached my photo shoot destination.

Spontaneity is rewarded with surprises which elevate hope and expectancy. I was care free and relaxed. I always seek out of the ordinary places to stop, encouraging me to refresh and to explore rugged, remote areas of pristine countryside.

My intentionality is to seek locations that are distinctly different and relatively unexplored, which, in this age of satelittes, involves careful preparation.


As I approached a curve in the road, I noticed a perfect pull-off place. I secured my camera onto my tripod, as I stepped into my waders (after this shoot, I walked along the shore line of Lake Wakatipu), and fitted my photographic filters around my waist. I made my way towards Lake Wakatipu.

I could not resist the significance of this moment as the sun pierced through the trees, whilst the autumn leaves were randomly scattered across the ground. The light was perfect.

Initially, I was not going to capture the sun shining through the trees. But the vivid blue of Lake Wakatipu in the background, contrasted with the autumn shades of the leaves, made it worthwhile. The winter sun was setting rapidly. I worked my shutter release effectively to ensure my timing and light exposure was correct.

Devil’s Staircase is infamous for it’s tight bends in the road and it’s unrivalled scenery. After an action-packed shoot, I had a spring in my step as it was a memorable, and an inspirational afternoon. I packed away my photographic equipment and drove home in a happy frame of mind.