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Golden Delight!

Water has always been a big attraction for me. Whether it be standing in it, wearing my waders as a Landscape Photographer, or observing it in the form of rivers, lakes, waterfalls or the ocean. I love standing in the rain too. I have done photo shoots in the rain, as my umbrella is always at hand.

My vehicle is my office. It contains my ‘pantry’, wardrobe and photographic equipment. As you can imagine, it is convenient having everything I need, at my disposal. This is a sunset shot taken at one of my favourite local destinations, Wellington Point, Brisbane, Australia.

Wellington Point is versatile for both sunrises and sunsets. Depending on the tide, one is able to walk to King Island when the tide is going out. I have seen people wading in fairly deep water, walking to and from King Island. The sand spit, when the tide is receding, is a fantastic form of relaxation for families , dogs or for people seeking solace, walking on their own and thinking things out.

Characteristically, it depends on the weather and wind as to how calm it is. The wind has been fairly strong recently, offering windsurfers and kite surfers exhilarating exhibitions of impressive antics on the water whilst I have been standing in the water waiting for the sun to set.

The children’s playground at Wellington Point is also very popular with the children. Parents oversee their young ones enjoying themselves either with activities on the swings or chasing waves along the waters edge. Seagulls are usually in on the action.

Sunset gold, soaking the water as I started my photoshoot and was appreciating the warmth stretched across the sky in front of me. I had secured my camera on my tripod and followed the tide as it was receding. My finger was on my shutter release, clicking quickly when the sun was about to descend behind the hills. Being a Landscape Photographer offers me such incredible opportunities to release images to you, that transport you to another place and space. Where does this picture take you?

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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Location: Wellington Point, Brisbane, Australia