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Golden days at the Beach!

Don’t you love the beach?! Well sure, it’s not for everyone!

I can remember the days from my youth, being in the water for a considerable time.

With the North East wind blowing, the waves choppy and being stung by blue bottles. That was painful!

Sun burnt, to the extent of swollen eye lids and cracked lips due to the salt water, sun and wind. But I went back for more.

Those were the days when we splashed suntan oil liberally on our skin so we could be ‘roasted’!

Being fair skinned, I remember vinegar baths when I returned home to ease the sting of being sun burnt, the result, red skin .

My favourite time was being in the water, either relaxing in it or being active as a surfer and paddle-skier. Those were the days!

I remember them well. How about you? What are your memories of the beach?

This image was captured at sunset, on the beautiful Central Coast, Australia.

Enjoy. Thank you for liking my work!