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God’s Glory!

This shot was captured at Wynnum Jetty, Brisbane, Australia.

Earlier, I had walked along the Jetty at Wynnum for a sunrise photoshoot.

I positioned myself at the end of the jetty, closest to the water to take full advantage of the sunrise, and to give me a variety of ways to compose my images.

With my camera secured onto my tripod which was reduced in height, I clicked away as the light broke across the horizon.

Clouds always create interest, particularly when the sun pierces through them and they erupt into heavenly light.

Photographic filters are so beneficial. They add warmth and clarity and release true colours which add to the dynamics of the image.

As I finished my initial photoshoot at Wynnum Jetty, capturing the best of the sunrise, I packed up my camera gear and carried my tripod and camera bag on my back, heading towards my vehicle.

Within an instant, I noticed this cloud formation and the sun bursting through it.

Needless to say, I secured my camera back onto my tripod, selected my photographic filters and clicked away on my second photoshoot of the morning.

Pedestrians, runners and people walking their dogs all stopped at this magnificent sight. It was too beautiful to behold.

The reflections of the clouds and light on the water: Indescribable!

What a way to finish my second photoshoot with such beauty released by God.

Being a Landscape/seascape photographer is not what I do, but it is who I am.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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Location: Wynnum Jetty, Brisbane, Australia