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God’s Glory!

Snapper Rocks, Queensland, Australia, is an idyllic location for surfers, walkers and photographers.

This image was captured whilst the cyclone was making headway towards the Queensland Coast, Australia. The conditions were superb. Wave after wave, enormous in size and power, but what an incredible show of power and light, God put on for us. The wall was lined with photographers and passersby.

This beach is popular with photographers due to the incredible light conditions as well as when the tide becomes full. The ocean surges towards you at an accelerated rate. Surfers are prolific, from dawn to dusk, particularly when the offshore wind makes its presence felt. It is adjacent to Froggy Beach, which is an enclave.

I stood on the generous sized concrete wall, set my tripod to a good height and positioned my camera with a focal length that was applicable to the conditions. The morning I captured this shot, the sunrise was amazing from first light. I rotated my camera often as I was conscious of my wide angle lens, thus keeping the concrete wall out of range.

As you can appreciate, the light was dramatic, which held for a considerable time, shedding light on the rocks.

Thank you for appreciating my work!