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Come with me as I unpack my experiences associated with this photo shoot.

This is such a lovely location which is close to home.

The sunrise on the morning of this photo shoot wasn’t exceptional as there were no clouds in the sky. Whenever the sky is clear, I always look out for interesting objects or points of interest that will add something special to my work.

Sometimes one can turn something that is ordinary into something extraordinary be being creative. I moved from where I was shooting originally and relocated to this lovely spot.

During the winter months, when we experience southerly winds, the sky turns into beautiful hues of pink and blue during sunrise. The tide was coming in. I waited for the sky to change colour and for it being perfectly reflected across the water. It was a sight to behold.

A cafe nearby bakes croissants early in the morning. The scent of those delicious delicacies permeates through the atmosphere.

When things appear ordinary, it’s good to dig deep and to discover surprises when things turn out better than you expected.