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On the morning of this photoshoot the conditions were superbly synchronised. There were moments of resistance against my tripod, from the waves, but I stood my ground and remained strong and resilient. 

I always evaluate the safety of my equipment, ensuring my filters are protected. I lower myself to control the functionality of my camera and shutter release, thereby maximising the moment of exposure and reflections of the clouds whilst the light soaks the sky.

The rocks were smooth and glossy with the effect of the water washing over them. The sun soaked the water with warmth, whilst it was also blended with the coolness of the blue of the early morning sky. A surfer stands solitary, waiting with anticipation of catching a wave.

At the end of my photoshoot, my waders were soaked, but my tripod, camera and filters were safe, whilst my soul was elated. This location continues to invite me back for future opportunities of stimulating my senses and upgrading the fine art of photography. 

I packed my camera bag, tripod and filters into my vehicle and headed for home, bursting with excitement after a momentous photoshoot.