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Fiery Delight!

Every sunrise is special, but some are spectacular.

In the quietness of the morning, I arrived at my shoot location as the tide was receding.

It was a bit too dark to wade into the water. I am cautious about stepping into the unknown waters in Australia before the dawn arrives.

As soon as the morning light made an appearance I positioned myself, whilst my camera and tripod were secure and I was ready to press my shutter release.

The reflections were almost breathtaking as was the fiery light of the dawn.

Landscape or seascape photography is inspirational, being at one with God.

Photoshoots are always so much fun. When the dawn breaks across the horizon, I am intentional about what I’m about to capture.

When I wade out from the water, it is always welcoming exchanging life stories or to share a short conversation with passersby.

Cracking the duvet very early in the morning to go on a photoshoot is a treat when I witness God’s glory as I did this morning. As I do on each photo shoot.

Thank you for liking my work!

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