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Fiery Delight

Each month Clare opens up her photography journal and takes us behind some of her images. This is Fiery Delight, shot in private farmland, Northern Queensland, Australia.

From Clare’s Journal

On the morning of this photoshoot, I left home early as I study the weather before each photoshoot. Instinctively, I knew it was going to be a good sunrise, but there was no way I could predict such an extraordinary depth of red and golds, with an intense blue sky. The field was also influenced by the colours of the sky.

As I had already asked the farmer if I could use his land for photoshoots, on both sides of the road, he was agreeable. I parked my vehicle safely on the side of a busy road and I made my way to the fields closest to his farm house.

Although I was some distance from the farmer’s home, it could be used as a feature as part of my composition. As first light cracked across the horizon, I realised the significance of the sunrise I was going to shoot.

Of course, my camera was ready, secured on my tripod, with the shutter release in my hand. I was excited as I was aware it was going to be a busy photoshoot. The farmer and his employees drove past me and waved, and I returned the warmth to them. My photographic filters are worn around my waist as I use a belt for convenience.

Before long, I was using my filters to add depth and richness of colour to the most incredible sky that was a brilliant red and gold, and an equally vivid blue. Normally sunrises of that nature are inclined to fade quickly. Today though, the light remained strong for some time before the colour faded and surrendered to the blue sky.

It was an impacting photoshoot. I was happy with the results as I downloaded my photos when I arrived home. It was a photoshoot I remembered for some time. And I still do!