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Fantastic Florence!

Earlier this year God gave me the opportunity to exhibit my work, as Clare Page Photography, in Florence, Italy.

I was selected by a talent scout and won an award for my work, which was humbling.

My time in Florence was spent navigating through the streets of this wonderful city that is steeped in history.

The architecture is indescribable. I stood in awe and wonder of God’s Creative brilliance.

It is a city that pulsates with Italian passion, blended with tourists who become attracted to the obvious beauty and love of life that the Italians possess and share so readily.

The temperatures were impressive as it was summer time. The streets were literally overflowing with tourists with an assortment of scooters offering excitement in the streets.

I used my mobile phone to assist me with navigating through this incredible city until I became more acquainted with the routes I used.

There is an ‘electric’ atmosphere in Italy. Hospitality draws you in, even though I don’t speak Italian.

Of course, complementing the architecture  is the natural beauty surrounding the city. Beautiful hills and mountains and the river that threads its way through the city, adding attraction and interest.

Everything is literally within walking distance. I stretched my legs in Florence, and appreciated the vast contrast of shops and restaurants.

Being a Landscape Photographer, I researched the city’s popular tourist spots including photographic opportunities.

It is my discipline to arrive early to secure a good spot in places of great interest. I walked the streets before dawn and felt safe. Even though I was on my own.

I set my camera on my tripod as soon as I reached my destination and began shooting, using my photographic filters to add warmth to my images.

It was a memorable trip. It will be good to return to Florence, Italy. Some day soon!

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Thank you for appreciating my work!

Location: Ponte Vecchio, Florence (Firenze), Italy (Italia), overlooking the Arno River.