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The evening I captured this moon shot, I’d arrived earlier for an afternoon photo shoot. This is one of my favourite locations, near Brisbane, in Australia

It so turned out as I was completing my shoot, which developed into early evening, I decided to finish it off by capturing the moon.

A little while after I’d captured this image, the moon rose into a bank of clouds and they burst forth into moonlight which was so bright that the clouds gave the appearance of sunlight breaking through.

Life is so busy and we accelerate through each day, don’t we?

As the tide was high, I stood with my tripod and camera on the boat ramp and did my shoot from there.

It was the most amazing time, almost standing still and observing the breathtaking scene before me.

As a Landscape/Seascape Photographer, every photo shoot is different of course and I thrive on new ways of capturing shots.

Being creative in composition and from a technical aspect.

My intentionality as a photographer is to maximise everything in my shoot, using my shutter speed and filters.

I love the dynamics of various effects you can achieve by thinking outside of the square!

Thank you for appreciating my work!

Clare Page Photography: Decidedly different!