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Home 5 Journal 5 Expectant!


This morning, driving to my photoshoot location, pre-dawn, the rain made an appearance. I was joyful for that area needed it.

As I parked my car, I sensed God’s still small voice resonate, and, in my heart, I knew to drive home. I was peaceful with that decision.

Normally, I know to remain for my shoot, irrespective of the weather. But this morning, the message from God was different.

The whole way home, with the traffic increasing in its flow, God made a way for me, because He has gone before.

I saw the dawn cracking on the horizon, at that moment, He put on my heart to drive to Cove Park.

Arriving at the park, I changed my lens, literally scampered down the sharp edged rocks and returned to my rocky seat, softened by a cushion.

The moment I had prepared my camera and filters, the most incredible light show ‘erupted’ before my eyes. It was almost as though God was waiting for me!

Listening to God’s still, small voice, in obedience, enabled me to capture His Creative Genius, before me.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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