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Expect the unexpected, is an attitude I live by. It is a positive posture which introduces hope!

The morning of this shoot, I arrived later than usual.

Whilst the majority of the public were shooting That Wanaka Tree during this photo shoot, I anticipated the light developing over the lake, releasing inspirational reflections upon Lake Wanaka.

I lived in Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand, for almost a year.

South Island, New Zealand, is a world in one country, it is truly spectacular, particularly during the Autumn and Winter months.

The Autumn colours are so vivid and leave a lasting impression, whilst the snow in winter adds a different dimension.

Lake Wanaka is impressive in size and it has wrap around mountains. So whatever, the light conditions, during any month of the year, there is something for everyone to photograph.

Photography in simple terms involves the study of light. Before a photo shoot I always look very intently at the sky and keenly expect the unexpected with regards to light changes.

The sunlight lingered for quite some time during this shoot. I lowered my tripod to maximise the reflections in the water. My camera button was very busy. The intensity of the colour in the clouds and reflections, linger in my memory.

That is the reason I love being a Landscape Photographer, combining the brilliant sunrises and sunsets, with landscapes that come alive with colour and illuminate the countryside with saturated hues. Exchanging life stories with people who pass by during my photo shoots is a bonus.

My intentionality is to introduce the outdoors indoors, for you.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

Clare Page Photography: Committed to Excellence!