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What are you hoping for? What have you set your sights on?

The morning I captured this image at Lake Coomera, Queensland, Australia, was gorgeous.

With each sunrise, the light is different of course, but the ‘process’ of light, although unique, is predominantly predictable.

Starting with first light, you can easily identify early what the sunrise is going to be like.

There are certain ‘mechanisms’ in the stages of sunrise which I have become more familiar with.

No two are the same, but I know what to expect between the different stages of each sunrise.

I am always poised to capture the light in a way that maximises God’s glory.

Are you doing the same things, expecting different results?

We need to be set free from the monotony of predictability.

Hope is expecting a good outcome with quiet confidence.

If I expected the same sunrise on every photoshoot, there would be no element of surprise.

Although I’m familiar with the mechanisms involved with sunrise, I am always delighted to witness God doing something extraordinary with each sunrise.

What can you do differently that could change your perception: about yourself, your life and other people?

Avoid complacency and occupy the ‘expect the unexpected’ attitude in every day.

Thank you for liking my work!

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