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Evening Delight!

Wellington Point, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia,  was one of my favourite destinations when I lived nearby.

I frequented that wonderful location for sunrise and sunset photoshoots.

As a Landscape Photographer, photography, people and travel are my passion.

The evening I captured this image, the tide was coming in ever so slowly, or so it appeared.

As you can appreciate, the conditions were absolutely perfect. So calm. It was before the start of Equinox.

It is during times like this that you would like time to stand still. Don’t you?

There was another photographer nearby who was also appreciating the calm and peaceful ‘picture’ before us.

Picture yourself here. What would you be doing?

The light took some time to diminish that evening.

That is the wonderful thing about being a landscape/seascape photographer, the light is so unpredictable.

It makes for better photo shoots, deciding which photographic filters to use, if any, setting my camera appropriately and adjusting my tripod according to the tide.

Memorable moments, when children were scampering in the distance in their playground, as they bode the day farewell.

Calm conditions soothe the soul, don’t they?

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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Location: Wellington Point, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia