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The morning of this photo shoot I was chasing the light.

Originally I planned to do my photo shoot in the water. When I arrived at the coast, I knew to travel to the country.

As I was travelling away from Brisbane, Australia, towards the country, I was aware of the light fast approaching in the Eastern sky.

Fortunately, the traffic was light and the road conditions were good.

Being familiar with the roads as I am, makes travelling a lot easier.

When I arrived at my shoot location, the sun was almost bursting over the hill. That was good timing.

I secured my camera onto my tripod and I had my photographic filters close at hand.

The mountain ranges were absolutely beautiful in that light. For a moment, the sky became an intense blue and pink with a hint of a cloud in the sky.

It was appropriate to incorporate the warmth of the landscape in the foreground with the trees, blending with the warmth of the sunrise sky.

In moments such as this, we realise how we live such accelerated lives, don’t we?

The moment was so peaceful one could almost hear the sound of my second hand on my watch. The sounds of silence.

What is your favourite destination?

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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