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Encountering God!

I instinctively knew that it was time for a photoshoot at the lake when I saw the fog that morning.

It did not take me long to arrive at the lake and to secure my tripod in the water.

The sun was breaking across the water, through the fog, it was absolutely breathtaking!

The breeze created a fascinating momentum regarding the fog and added interest on the water.

All I needed to do was stand in one place in the lake and simply rotate my camera on my tripod. I was in a perfect spot.

You just know when your timing in life is right don’t you? And a photoshoot is no different.

The moods I captured around me with the sun weaving through the fog, in a short space of time, were inspirational.

With this shot in particular, I was surrounded by fog, with a distinct thick band of fog heading towards me, across the water.

I encountered God’s presence and walked away from my shoot, touched and transformed by witnessing God moving before me, His Creation!