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This iconic location for photographers and surfers has been responsible for fine tuning the fine art of landscape/seascape photography for me. 

This beach is located on the Gold Coast. It smacks of adventure, excitement, pressure to perform under extreme weather conditions, versatility, tumultuous seas, and also ‘boasting’ a generous rock platform where the ocean smashes against the rocks, at full force. 

It is seldom that this magnificent piece of coastline is placid or calm. I absolutely thrive on the conditions that accelerate my heart beat. It is tempestuous and unpredictable which stimulates my senses to come up higher as a fine art landscape/seascape photographer.

That morning I wore my waders and secured my filter pouch around my waist. Other photographers packed around me, witnessing the strength of the sea as it raced towards us. I secured my tripod firmly on the concrete wall and heightened it to a point where I could view the activity in front of me, and compose something special, birthed from a dynamic photoshoot. My heart was beating fast with excitement and anticipation!

After capturing the best of the sunrise from the concrete wall, I made my way to the rocks and recognised the depth of colour in the water, that was intense with whirls of white froth on its surface. Adding interest were the seagull and a touch of humanity on the beach, on a cold day. It was a memorable photoshoot from start to finish.