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Are you doing the same things, expecting new results?

18. “Forget the former things, do now dwell on the past 19. See, I am doing a new thing!” Isaiah 43:18&19 NIV

It is time for change and to be the change.

We want things to change but sometimes we don’t take responsibility to take the action to introduce change.

Similarlily, we think change has to be on our terms. Life is not like that, and neither should it be!

When  I’m uncomfortable in a situation, and when I lose my peace, I choose to initiate change within myself.

Intentionally removing myself from the stale, staid method of thinking.

As a result of my former insecurity, I needed to ‘blend in’ to what others were doing around me.

Emerging and rising up, knowing my True Identity in Christ, I no longer need to be ‘fixed’ by people’s approval.

There is no looking back. No regrets.

I now celebrate who God has created me to be! How about you?

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