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Join me in experiencing my adventures and excitement on my photo shoots, as I unwrap my journey involved in capturing images that linger, whilst reflecting spectacular scenery that soak the soul with peace and hope!

The morning of this photo shoot was excruciating cold. I left home early. Home being Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand.

The road that leads to this wonderful location is icy, particularly during the early hours of the morning. I have a safe vehicle that literally hugs the road. I drove with caution. I know the route well. The freedom of driving at that hour of the morning is indescribable. A warm vehicle. Music. And expectant of a good photo shoot.

I made my way with intentionality to Coronet Peak. The road that leads up that mountain range is sometimes closed due to snow. It was too early in the season for that. I rode the twists and turns of that drive whilst reflecting on the past year of living in Wanaka.

God used that time to sharpen my photographic skills. He assisted me in taking my photography to the next level. Whilst He guided us through turbulent times.

It was my first experience driving on Coronet Peak road. I stopped my vehicle. Collected my photographic gear. Whilst I walked along a rough path. I discovered the perfect spot to capture the beauty before me.

The Remarkable mountain range was wonderfully woven with magnificent light. Everything was still and silent around me. At dawn the temperature was at freezing point. I snuggled into the clothing that was layered on me.

For a considerable time, I sat during this photo shoot, admiring the indescribable beauty around me. It was peaceful. And a time to reflect. Quiet moments that resonate deeply within the soul. It was time to move forward in faith. I packed away my equipment. Stepped into the welcoming warmth of my vehicle and made my way home.