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Drawn Into! …

As I stepped into the water wearing my waders pre-dawn, at Wellington Point, Brisbane, Australia,  I instinctively knew the sunrise was going to be special.

It was one of those photoshoots where, as a Landscape/Seascape Photographer, I was very busy rotating my camera on my tripod, whilst using different filters.

Some sunrises are dramatic and the light fades fast, whilst on this occasion, the light was intense for a lengthy period.

God is a Creative Genius, I love the way He uses the clouds to add interest and to draw your attention to the centre of the image.

During my photoshoots I’m always looking around me to see what the clouds and light are doing behind me and as well as my peripheral vision .

There is an air of expectancy which introduces creativity.

I love being in the water, as one with nature and discovering new ways to be creative with my compositions.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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