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Have you experienced a lingering longing to return to some place special?

This is how I can explain this inspirational piece of paradise.

I drove from Queenstown, New Zealand, to Glenorchy.

The Queenstown/Glenorchy Road is something to behold. Truly spectacular landscapes.

Earlier in the morning I had done a photoshoot in Queenstown and decided to drive towards Glenorchy.

The road hugs the lake, which at times, reflects the blue of the sky perfectly.

At times, it can be distracting, as the beauty is so spectacular, but I know the importance of being focused on driving.

It was a serendipitous moment. I saw a pull off spot which was perfect for capturing this amazing scenery.

Although the mountains were devoid of snow, in that light, the mood was perfect for a photo shoot.

Towards the end of my shoot, I noticed this area with an intense blue and green in the colour of the lake. Truly memorable.

Thank you for liking my work!

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