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In a Moment! | Solitude

Driving to Glenorchy, South Island, New Zealand, is an adventure that is indescribable. The scenery of the mountain ranges and of Lake Wakatipu are beautiful beyond description.

I have driven between Queenstown and Glenorchy on several occasions. On the morning of this photoshoot the weather conditions were perfect. I left home well before sunrise. The road was quiet. Apart from a few rabbits on the roadside.

The star-studded sky was impressive. Driving along that road requires intense concentration as it twists and turns around Lake Wakatipu. I made good time to Glenorchy. The trip was relaxing. I was looking forward to my shoot there. As I always do.

On this occasion, I decided to shoot from the other end of the jetty. It’s good to do the same thing differently. I prepared my photographic equipment by securing my camera onto my tripod.

I did not extend my tripod legs as I wanted to capture the moment more accurately. The breeze was gentle. As I settled myself on the jetty, a friendly person walking his dog spoke to me. Before too long the jetty lights went out and I was able to start my photoshoot in earnest.

Glenorchy is a popular destination, particularly during the winter months as it is ’embraced’ by mountains which are usually thick with snow. Since COVID, the tourism industry has slowed down of course. But it is popular with the locals.

Jet boats are popular with the tourists so I knew I needed to finish my photoshoot before they arrived. As I use photographic filters, there is no room for any momentum. Images become blurred with too much movement with the use of filters.

Two diving platforms are positioned near the jetty. During the summer months they are well used. The wooden jetty is iconic with tourists.